Cellular PBX Solutions

Cellular PBX Communications Control for Business

  • Enables mobile devices to act as desk phone extensions on the UC Platform
  • Simple to use, requiring no special apps, allowing users to operate UC platform features with the native mobile interface
  • GTIGLOBAL capable SIM works on multiple networks in any country
  • Provides full UC policy control over mobile calls

NO Mobile Phone Applications to Install! NO Desk-Top SIP phone Required! Use your unlocked Cellphone or GTIGLOBAL can provide you with a Dual-SIM smart phones.

GTIGLOBAL Mobile acts as a SIP endpoint extension and mirrors all call control policies right out to the mobile device. The service can be used with a business-provided single DID business identity for business-provided phones. Mobile also supports dual business and personal identity where an employee or contractor brings a personal Dual SIM capable device.

The Real-Time Mobile & Cellular PBX Enabler Different adoption models are supported to get you to market fast with a powerful mobile proposition. These include Enhanced Service Provider, complete with full mobile service management, and the Full VNO option, which also extends to mobile core network assets.


VNOs can be launched from scratch in a matter of days, while existing operations can be migrated at scale to the robust Mobile Cloud solution. GTIGLOBAL supports multiple business models, enabling a wide range of offers to be supported, such as budget offers, second brand, retail or ethnic targeting. GTI Global Mobile Cloud is optimized for mobile service delivery, whether to enable an established VNO to launch a new offer or for a new VNO to enter the market. As a full service solution, we work in partnership with VARS/Resellers to grow their VNO businesses with proven reliability and the scalability to support millions of subscribers.

Get to market fast with a powerful mobile proposition Key Benefits

A complete solution for launching multiple VNO propositions and businesses.

Highly scalable, providing a stable foundation for growth.

Real-time service management, for products, pricing and promotions.

Supports full customer life-cycle, from acquisition through to advocacy.

Powerful, insightful business intelligence to support business growth and performance.

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