True Mobile Unified Communications

Extend UC to Any Mobile Phone for True Mobile Unified Communications

Enterprise Mobility and Unified Communications (UC) have had a profound impact on how and where your employees work, communicate and collaborate. GLOBAL delivers a unique combination of business-class mobile communications and UC technologies, delivering true Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC) for empowering the distributed workforce. Built on next-generation fixed mobile convergence technology, GLOBAL maximizes employee productivity while cutting equipment costs with Mobile UC that keeps every employee in touch and communicating efficiently

  • Enable users to activate business calling features natively on mobile devices
  • Adopt “Mobile First” communications to cut the cord and make mobile phones the primary communications tool of the geographically dispersed workforce
  • No special apps, steps or training needed because all features use the native phone interface Align mobile communications with enterprise workflow, to boost productivity company-wide

Mobile Call & Text Recording for Compliance

Now your employees can be both mobile and compliant with recording, archiving and customer service monitoring policies. Available through our CSP partners, GLOBAL Mobile enables mobile voice and text communications to be captured for recording and monitoring, even in situations where Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phones are in use.A wide range of regulatory requirements, industry guidelines, customer service best practices and organizational policies can require call and text recording or monitoring. Traditional mobile communications have been out of scope of the tools that record landline communications. Now the next generation fixed mobile convergence technologies of GLOBAL put mobile communications in your control to ensure full compliance with records retention rules.

  • Ensure mobile communications compliance with regulatory and quality requirements
  • Use the same compliance and call recording solutions you use for landlines
  • Simplify meeting communications compliance: finance, call centers, customer service, sales
  • Trigger keyword alerts and other compliance and monitoring functionality
  • No special apps or steps required by users – just use the mobile phone as normal
  • No user error or “end runs” that cause compliance violations
    Enforce compliance policies with remote workers and work-from-home arrangements, distributed workforce, mobile workforce and desk-less workers, and mobile unified communications deployments.

Extend Unified Communications to Remote Workers at Home and On the Go

Companies around the world now make remote working and teleworking available to large portions of their workforce. Work-from-home and telecommuting options are proving to significantly boost employee productivity. Researchers report remote workers gain almost a full day in productivity every week. Now the next generation fixed mobile convergence technology in GLOBAL enables employees working at home or in the coffee shop to communicate just like they are in the office. It’s like everyone can carry a landline deskphone in their pockets. GLOBAL Mobile Unified Communications solution seamlessly integrates any mobile phone into your company’s unified communications platform. Now your remote workers’ mobile phones are full featured extensions of your UC, ensuring business quality communications regardless of where the employee is working.

Communications for the mobile workforce

  • Remote worker users can activate business calling features natively on mobile devices with no special apps or training.
  • Use the same communications recording and monitoring solutions for mobile phones that you do for landlines.
  • Go “Mobile First” and make mobile phones the primary communications tools for the workforce company-wide.
  • Boost productivity while cutting costs and enabling “Work from Anywhere” felicity for the workforce

Mobile Unified Communications for financial services and banking firms without sacrificing features or compliance

GLOBAL gives financial services organizations the power to maximize workforce mobility without sacrificing compliance or control. Mobile phones operate on wireless networks that are out of your direct control. So managing mobile communications and ensuring compliance with recording regulations can be a challenge.

Regulations require most financial services professionals in broker, dealer and financial advisor roles to retain records. GLOBAL enables you to manage your users’ mobile phones as extensions of your existing unified Communications and PBX systems. The service enables you to use existing compliance recording and archiving systems to record mobile calls and texting, for compliance with Dodd-Frank and SEC guidelines and MiFID II for record retention.

  • Rich Mobile Unified Communications on any mobile device improve employee availability
  • Single number reach for better responsiveness and first-time call completion
  • Centralized call and SMS text recording and archiving, even on personal devices
  • Boosts regulatory compliance, including Dodd-Frank and MiFID II archiving for mobile communications related to financial transactions
  • Leverages existing PBX / UC for corporate communications on mobiles
  • Control costs by enforcing call handling and routing policies, for lower long distances and international charges
  • Powerful identity management, with strictly separate personal and business personas
  • Business continuity, with full corporate communications availability on mobiles if the desk phones go down
  • Intuitive user interface, including native phone features for corporate communications
  • Superior user experience – users don’t do “end runs” to circumvent corporate communications and compliance
  • Unlocks the power of mobility for traders, contact center representatives, executives, sales representatives.
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