A Mobile & Cellular PBX network built for Business!

GTIGLOBAL Cellular PBX enables businesses to make their mobile phones the primary communications tools for employees. Now all mobile calls use the business number and can be managed directly by a company’s IT department. Enable your employees to carry desk phones in their pockets! Learn more about adopting. Building a remote workforce solution?

GTIGLOBAL Cellular PBX enables remote workers to communicate exactly as if they were in the office. Their mobile phones become integral extensions of the Unified Communications platform and they can make and receive calls without having to use a special App. Business Features such as transfer and conferencing can be initiated directly from the phone. Learn more about our Remote Worker & Teleworker communications solution.

Looking to boost the productivity of mobile users?

GTIGLOBAL Cellular PBX seamlessly integrates mobile phones into all leading Unified Communications platforms, turning them into full featured extensions of the communications system. Learn more about enhancing workforce productivity with Mobile Unified Communications. 

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