We transform the mobile phone into a controlled endpoint for remote workers, office-based employees and those working outside the office.

Deliver Mobile Unified Communications to your employees & business partners

If you run IT for your company, GTIGLOBAL Mobile gives you your own private mobile network. You now have visibility and direct control over your employees’ mobile communications, including voice, messaging and data. You can manage mobile phone communications as easily as traditional desk phone communications. You can even use monitoring and recording systems for capturing mobile voice and messaging. GTIGLOBAL Mobile seamlessly mobile-enables your UC platform with no special apps.

GTIGLOBAL Mobile enables mobile voice, messaging and data to be captured and routed to communications monitoring, recording and archiving systems. Now the same solutions used for landline communications compliance can be used for mobile communications as well. Employees can use their mobile phones while maintaining compliance with regulations and company policies.

If you sell business communications services, GTIGLOBAL Mobile allows you to integrate mobility into your UC offerings. The pre-integrated, turnkey, wholesale offering enables you to add mobile to your portfolio in weeks. Create incredibly sticky services your business customers love and tap exploding demand for business mobile communications. Expand your portfolio to become a one-stop-shop for business communications services.

Our partners

GTIGLOBAL is sold through select Service Providers, IT solution resellers and system integrators. Our sole focus is to empower these partners to bring innovative new mobile communications to their business customers, market exciting new mobile-enabled offerings, and generate huge demand for very sticky solutions!  Contact us For more Information!

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